The Brave of Heart Fund's Impact

Learn how the fund is doing its part to help the families of our fallen healthcare heroes.

Honoring Our Lost Healthcare Workers

The Brave of Heart Fund® partnered with The Guardian to tell the stories of our grant recipients and their loved ones. Since the start of the pandemic, The Guardian has followed healthcare heroes who have died in the fight against COVID-19 in their project, Lost on the Frontline. In the videos below, learn more about some of these heroes and how the Brave of Heart Fund helped their families navigate this difficult time.

Honoring Jeremy Emerich

Jeremy Emerich spent his life serving others as a critical care and transport EMT and firefighter. When the 13-year military veteran lost his life to COVID-19, we honored his legacy with a grant to Shana, the loved one he left behind.

Honoring Adrienne Alexander

Adrienne Alexander was a loving wife and mother who dedicated her life to helping others through her work at the Texas Children's Hospital. When she lost her life due to COVID-19, the Brave of Heart Fund supported her family during a time of need.

Honoring Yaakov Meltzer

Yaakov Meltzer was a first responder and beacon in his community who believed in the power of caring for one another. When he lost his life due to COVID-19, the Brave of Heart Fund provided support to his family during this trying time.

Hear from our Grant Recipients

The grant gave us peace of mind and helped us to move forward. As a widow and a mother of 4 sons who are all in school, it is not easy to think how can we continue our lives without our head of the family. With the support you gave us, we felt that were not alone and God sent us the Brave of heart Fund to help us. May you continue to help and bless others like us. Thank you and more power to you all.

Wife of home health aide, Rockville, MD

I want to say a big thank you. My husband was the bread winner of the family. Brave of Heart gives a me a break for a couple months so I can decide what I am going to do with my kids and my family. Thank you again with all my heart.

Wife of physical therapist, Glen Cove, NY

I can’t begin to thank you all enough for the assistance during this time. Nothing can bring back my sweet husband but at least having some assistance helps ease the burden.

Wife of nurse, Tuscaloosa, AL

The funds are such a big help financially to help us get our life back together during this difficult time. Thank you, Brave of Heart Fund. Everyone that I had spoken with from your organization were great to deal with, very friendly and helpful with any question I had.

Husband of nursing home employee, Detroit, MI

I am so grateful to Brave of Heart. A lot on burden was taken off my shoulders. Now, I can see my children's futures are more secured.

Wife of nurse, Houston, TX

Over 325 Families Helped

We know the fight against Covid-19 continues. And we’ll continue to be there for families in need.

Over $10.6M Granted

Together, we can make a meaningful impact on families of frontline workers, and relieve some of their financial burdens.

15+ Healthcare Careers

The Fund has helped the families of front-line healthcare workers from a wide variety of professions and volunteer roles.

How You Can Help

Contribute today and the New York Life Foundation will match it, dollar for dollar, up to $25 million. Together, we can ensure that the sacrifices of front-line workers will not be forgotten.


Learn About the Process

Wondering how the eligibility, application, and grant process works? Click below to download quick guide resources to learn more.


See If You Qualify

If you have a lost a family member who is a healthcare worker to COVID-19, please verify your eligibility to apply now.

Share, love and support

Please spread the word — especially with those you know on the front lines - and help us take care of those who take such good care of us.